Divorce can often times be a legally and emotionally complicated process that can lead to being very costly. In order to keep the costs of divorce down, Winston Law, P.A. suggests working quickly with a mindset toward reaching a solution. Mediation is used as an essential tool to keeping divorce more cost effective. Mediation involves the use of an independent and neutral mediator to assist in negotiating a settlement between the divorcing parties. The purpose of mediation is to achieve an agreement that both sides can be happy with, resolving the issues within the divorce in an complacent and confidential manner.

Most mediations follow a similar format. The mediator start the process by giving an introduction and explaining the procedure, then each lawyer explains their parties position. After, the parties are usually then separated and the mediator goes back and forth relaying offers and counteroffers. Confidentiality is vital during the mediation process, that way each party feels free to negotiate without worrying that their statements will be used against them in court. If an agreement is reached, a Final Judgment will then be prepared laying out the agreement between the parties. If no agreement is reached, the parties will have to look to the court to decide their issues.

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